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We are looking for distributors.

20 Dec 2012

DeltaNu ラーマン分光器を輸入販売開始


We are glad to introduce the full range of DeltaNu's Raman Spectrometers.

DeltaNu is a company that keeps innovating its core technologies, Raman spectroscopy, and at the same time integrating other advanced technologies, such as Intevac's low light CCD and long range sensor technologies, CAMO's analysis software, etc, into its core technologies.

Their persistent efforts bring us the Raman spectrometers that can cover a very wide range of applications and that feature small footprint, high performance and high portability at an affordable cost.

Besides, their portable and benchtop Raman spectrometers can easily turn into a Raman microscope by adapting to a microscope.

DeltaNu Logo
palm top raman for pharmaceutical
DeltaNu Palmtop Raman
handheld raman spectrometer for geology
DeltaNu Handheld Raman

23 Nov 2012

台湾マテリアル年会 — 虎尾科学技術大学


23-24 Nov, 2012, with Shumotek, at National Formosa University

Our Nanovie STM Educa has attracted quite a few visitors who were interested in the applications of from the experiments in the department of electronic physics to roughness measurement in material manufacturers.

Annual Meeting of Material Research Society 2012

Material Research Society - Taiwan National Formosa University, Yulin, Taiwan
Discussing with post-graduates about the applications for their study
    Discussing with post-graduates about the applications for their study

24 Oct 2012



13 Sep 2012

中国 CHInano Conference & Expo / MEMS 2012 ー 蘇州


13-15 Sep, 2012, with ITS China, at Dushu Lake Hotel

Thanks to the introduction by ITS China, our STM Educa has attracted quite a few interested visitors.

CHInano Conference & Expo

    Nanovie STM Educa with Tousimis Critical Point Dryer represented by ITS

11 Jun 2012

中国ナノテック/メンス 2012 ー上海


11-13 Jun, 2012, at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Centre

Nanotech Shanghai Logo

We are looking for the distributor(s) for the territory of China for our Scanning Tunneling Microscopes.

Nanotech China 2012 (Booth 226)

Nanovie as Sponsor on the Advertising Board at the Entrance
    Nanovie as Sponsor on the Advertising Board at the Entrance

26 Apr 2012

台湾 Nano Device Technology シンポジウム ー NDL


26-27 April, 2012, at NDL (National Nano Device Laboratories) with Shumotek

We presented our Nanovie STM Lepto prototype in this Symposium to receive the feedbacks from our potential users for designing the features of Nanovie STM Lepto.

SNDT (Symposium on Nano Device Technology)

Symposium on Nano Device Technology
Nanovie 奈維 Booth at NDL (Symposium on Nano Device Technology)

Nanovie STM Educa & Imina's Nano-Manipulator (represented by Shumotek)

18 Feb 2012

東京国際ナノテクノロジー総合展・技術会議 (台湾パビリオン)


15-17 February, 2012
The 11th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference, at Tokyo Big Sight

For the third time in a row, Nanovie was approved by National Science Council (NSC) Taiwan to represent Taiwan's achievements in the field of nanotechnology. We presented an educational manual STM and a compact portable air STM in this event.

Nano Tech 2012 Japan - Taiwan Pavilion


nanotech tokyo 2012 logo
Ambassador Feng in Tokyo visited Nanovie 2012

We were honoured by the visit of Mr. FENG Chi-Tai, CEO (馮寄台代表) of Taiwan’s Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in Japan, and Dr. CHANG Chia-Sheng, Research Fellow (張嘉升研究員) of Academia SINICA.

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