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28 Nov 2013

International Electron Devices and Materials Symposium, Nantou, Taiwan


November 28-29, 2013
International Electron Devices and Materials Symposium at National Chi Nan University

  • Compound Semiconductor Materials, Electronic and Photonic Devices
  • Sustainable Energy Devices and Materials
  • Integrated Circuits and Packaging Technologies
  • Nano Devices and Materials, Displays, and Sensors

Please visit us in the IEDMS 2013 at National Chi-Nan University.


Electronic Device and Materials Association
National Chi Nan University

22 Nov 2013

Annual Meeting of Chemical Society 2014, Nantou, Taiwan


November 22-24, 2013
Annual Meeting of Chemical Society at National Chi Nan University

We will be presenting the following products:

National Chi Nan University

18 Oct 2013

Annual Meeting of Material Research Society 2013, Jhongli, Taiwan


18-19 Oct
Annual Meeting of Material Research Society 2013 at National Central University, with Shumotek

Our Exhibition Highlights:
  • 3D nanometer-scale scanning and manipulation with STM
  • Nanometer-scale probing and manipulating with remote controlled mini robots and ultra sharp probe tips
  • Conductance (IV Curve) measurement and Lithography with in-situ rescan with STM
  • Pharmaceutical and material identification with high-performance portable Raman spectrometers
  • Non-destructive critical point drying technique that protects microsctructures
  • Compact tool that produces 100 nm probe tips by yourself
  • Surface cleanning and modification with UV/Ozone


Material Research Society - Taiwan National Central University, Jhongli, Taiwan

STM for 3D nanometer scale scanning, conductance characteristics, lithography nanometer etching. Nanovie STM Taiwan
Discussion on the application of Nanovie STM Lepto for wet soft materials and for manipulation.

nanometer-scale positioning and microstructure probing, moving, cutting, picking & bending. Imina miBot Taiwan
Discussion on the application of Imina Nano-Manipulator for Bio-medical devices.

22 Aug 2013

Nano and Micro System Technology Conference, Taichung, Taiwan


August 22-23, 2013
The 17th Nano and Micro System Technology Conference at Feng Chian University, with Shumotek

  • Materials and Device Characterization
  • Fabrication and Packaging Technologies
  • Mechanical Sensors and Micro-Actuators
  • Physical MEMS and Medical Microsystems
  • Micro-Fluidic Components and Systems
  • Bio & Chemical Micro Sensors & Systems
  • Nano-Electro-Mechanical Devices and Systems

Please visit us in the NMTC 2013 at Feng Chia University.


Nanotechnology and Micro System Association Logo
Feng Chia University Logo

30 Jun 2013

Senior High School Science Camp


June 30, 2013
Nanotech & STM DIY Science Camp at Changhua Senior High School, organised by Prof. Jiann Lin of National Chuanghua University of Education

  • Introduction of Nano Physics World
  • Demonstration of STM Scanning
  • Junior / Senior High School Students Hands-on Operation

After finishing their DIY STM and DIY probe tips, the junior / senior high school students were operating Nanovie STM Educa by themselves one after another. The other students were watching the result in real time on the projection screen.

The advantages of Open Structure.

16 May 2013

International Symposium on Microchemistry and Microsystems, Xiamen, China


May 16-19, 2013
International Symposium on Microchemistry and Microsystems at Xiamen University, with ITS Science China

  • The 8th National Conference on Micro Total Analysis Systems
  • The 3rd National Symposium on Micro/NanoScale Bioseparations and Bioanalysis

New Products:


Nanovie STM Educa was operated at the meeting where there were a lot of noises and vibrations, but it still showed good scanning results.

29 Jan 2013

Annual Meeting of the Physics Society 2013, Hualien, Taiwan


29-31 Jan, 2013
The Annual Meeting of the Physics Society, at National Dong-Hua University

The spotlight in our booth is on Nanovie STM Lepto and Deltnu portable Raman spectrometers. The former is going to be released in quarter 2 and the latter was newly introduced. We also introduced a series of Critical Point Dryers, and Nanovie Auto Tip Maker.

Please visit us at Booth 12.

Physics Society Taiwan

<Nanvovie Booth at Annual Meeting of the Physics Society 2013 Taiwan
A professor who visited our booth was discussing with us the design of Nanovie STM Educa.

08 Jan 2013

Nanovie Seminar 2013, Guangzhou, China


8 Jan, 2013
Seminar on Nanoworld and Scanning Probing Microscopy at Sun-Yat-Sen University, Organised by ITS Science China

Introduction to the new nano Physics world
Professor Wen-Bin JIAN, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Lecture Series 18 - Modern Instruments and Analysis

Innovative Physics Experiments and Education
Prof. Xiao-Lan YU, Prof. Jian CHEN, Sun-Yat-Sen Universit, China

Nano applications in Chemistry
Prof. Guo-Feng Cui, Sun-Yat-Sen University, China

Seminar on Modern Instruments - IARC @ SYSU

Heuristic Inspiring Lecture on the exploration of Nano World
Prof. Jian was talking about the designs and applications of different Scanning Probing Microscopy technologies.

ITS Science (China)Joyful Students Hands-on Operation of Nanovie STM Educa
The Students were enjoying their hands-on operation and successful scanning results.

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