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17 Nov 2015

Training on Particle Sizing and Zeta Potential Analysis


17-19 November, 2015
The technical training at Partikel Analytik, Frechen, Germany

Partikel Analytik (PA) is the expert in the field of material sciences who has been devoted to the research on the characterisation of liquid dispersions for two decades. This German brand has gained a good reputation among their users in a dozen of countries in the world. Their major product range includes:


Trainning Session

Dr. Rolf Bräunig's inspiring and interactive sessions stirred up our interest to all these seemingly indecipherable theories. The solutions developed by PA's electrokinetic sonic amplitude techniques in place of traditional optical/laser methods have overcome the obstacles caused by the opaqueness and unstability of concentrated dispersions.


Particle sizes in concentrated dispersions can be measured directly without the need of dilution, without need of fitting into any distribution models. Even mixed particles of different size scales can be distinguished. In addition to analysing flowing dispersions, Fast Sizer can be integrated with on-line application for real-time monitoring.

The measurement of Zeta potential is simple, quick and direct with the use of Field ESA. Concentrations are being stirred or flowing through so that its stability is maintained throughout the measurement. Dilution is not necessary, which also allows automatical determination of iso electric point as well as acid/base titration to be performed in the original state of the concentrations.

28 Jan 2015

Annual Meeting of the Physics Society, NTHU


28-30 January, 2015
Annual Meeting of the Physics Society, at National Tsing-Hua University

One of the highlights this year is our New Nanovie STM Lepto that resolves to sub-nanometer scale under ambient conditions. Nanovie STM Lepto is also capable of nano-lithography, I-V curve measurement and in-liquid scanning. Another is our scan tip making device that is capable of fabricating 6 scan tips every 15 minutes with simply a push button. The results demonstrate a consistent output of curvature radii less than 100 nm under SEM inspection.

Please visit us at booth 5-6 (with Shumotech).

PSROC 2015


Floor Plan

Taiwan Pavilion is right facing the Main Theatre
2015 PSROC Floorplan



06 Jan 2015

Installation, Training and Acadmic Exchange in New Delhi, India


6-8 January, 2015
Installation, Training and Acadmic Exchange in New Delhi, India

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi)


Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Jamia Millia Islamia - Central University, New Delhi

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