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Portable STM Lepto



3D Sub-Nanometer Scanning Resolution

Nanovie STM Lepto is able to scan 3D structures under ambient conditions, with the resolving power superior than 1 nm.

Features I-V curve, nano-lithography, in-liquid scan, automatic tip approach and tip restoration.

Imaging & analysis tools include line profiling, island counting, Fourier transform, fitlering, matrix, 3D rendition, etc.

Diamond-like Carbon coating, hard & chemically inert
3D rendition of the scan area 1500 X 1500 nm

Room in to rescan the upper left area (400 X 400 nm)
DLC particle diameters 60 ~ 70 nm


Dual Scanners & XY Motor Stage 

Built-in dual scanners allow users to switch directly between the higher resolution scanner and the larger area scanner without the need to remove the tip, the sample or the scanner.

Aided further with the XY motorised stage, it greatly facilitates the ability to locate the region of interest without the need to retract the tip to move the sample manually and blindly.

Lepto XY Stage & Step Motor



Auto tip approach, XY motorised stage, dual scanners, in-liquid scan, multiple innoative features integrated in one, offering the convenience no other STM can compete with.

Compact and portable. With a laptop, it works anywhere anytime, requiring no vacuum, no vibration isolation table, no high voltage power supply.


Research and Analysis

Lead selenide (PbSe), semiconductor, can be used for thermal imaging, gas detection, etc.

PbSe is located on graphite
Scan area: 1000 X 1000 nm

Zoom in (400 X 400 nm) and rescan for more details
Measured particle diameter ~ 15 nm and height ~ 1 nm

Fluorine-doped tin-oxide SnO2 (FTO), can be used for touch screen displays, thin film photovoltaics, etc.

3D rendition of FTO surface
Scan area: 1860 X 1860 nm

Line profile of FTO particles
Particle width ~ 200 nm and height ~ 3 nm

A few more scan examples:

Gold clusters, scan area: 400 nm
Particle diameter 6 ~ 15 nm
Particle height ~ 0.8 nm

TiO2 surface, scan area: 300 nm
Particle diameter 6 ~ 8 nm
Particle height ~ 0.5 nm

Graphite, broken steps
Scan area: 150nm
Step: 0.4~1 nm


Wide Range of Applications

Fundamental Research:

For the fundamental studies or early stage R&D in the fields of Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Material Sciences, Optoelectronics, Molecular Electronics, Solid-state Physics, Wet Chemistry and Electrochemistry, there is no more need to queue up for an UHV STM or SEM.

Training & Education:

  • Train more commercial UHV STM users;
  • Design innovative experiment courses;
  • Demonstrate in regular class / lectures.


Scan with ease and speed

Advanced control via friendly interface

Nanovie STM Lepto STS IV Curve pre-scan

The above shows a scan area of 126 X 126 nm. In the left the scanned image is rendered in real time, beneath which the line profile.

The operation procedures are simple: (1) automatic tip approach, (2) parameter adjustments according to real-time graphic feedback, (3) locating the region of interest with the motorised stage, (4) selection of the scanner for the optimal scan range and resolution, and if necessary, (5) tip restoration during the scan to maintain the imaging quality.


Scanning Tunnelling Spectroscopy - IV Curve

Nanovie STM Lepto STS IV Curve Multiple Point Measurement

Enter I-V measurement mode right after the STM scan is completed. Click on the desired measuring points.

Parameter used above, voltage: -2000 ~ +2000 mV, current: -100 ~ +100 nA, scan area: 126 X 126 nm


In-Liquid Scan

Three-dimensional in-liquid imaging facilitates the studies of wet chemistry and electrochemistry, such as organic molecules, corrosion and other surface materials.

  • Nanoscale ferromagnetic fluid
  • Scan Area: 300 nm X 300 nm

  • DVD grooves
  • Scan Area: 560 nm X 560 nm

  • Graphite steps
  • Scan Area: 1500 nm X 1500 nm




After the scan, draw the paths for vector writing in lithography mode. Once the lithography is completed, perform an in-situ rescan to examine the result of etching.

On the flat graphate surface found the eteched grooves, depths: 9 ~ 12 nm; widths ~ 125 nm.


Real-Time Tip Restoration

The tip might gather atoms from the sample surface or scratch the surface, which will result in poor imaging quality. The tip restoration function provides the possibility to regain the tip shape and improve the imaging quality.

The two bands of white spots are caused by the damaged tip. The scan image returned to normal after performing the tip restoration (impulse) function.




STM Scan Range and Resolution
  High Resolution Scanner
XY Scan Range: ~ 1 μm / XY Physical Resolution: ~ 0.5 nm
Z Scan Range: ~ 0.8 μm / Z Physical Resolution: < 0.05 nm
  Large Area Scanner XY Scan Range: ~ 4 μm / XY Physical Resolution: ~ 2 nm
Z Scan Range: ~ 2.4 μm / Z Physical Resolution: ~ 0.1 nm
  Extended Scan Mode

High Resolution XY Scan Range: ~ 1.5 μm
Large Area XY Scan Range: ~ 6.0 μm

  Sample Bias Voltage ±10 V
  Tunneling Current 0.1 – 100 nA
  Tip-to-sample Approach - Automatic & manual control via software
- Speed & step configurable.
  Scan Features - Constant-current Scan
- Constant-height Scan*
- Scanning Tunnelling Spectroscopy (STS / I-V Curve)
- Lithography
  Scan Image Size 100 x 100 ~ 550 x 550 points
XY Motor Stage (Extended Scan Mode only)
  Distance per step in XY direction
~ 100 nm
  Stroke in XY direction ± 1.5 mm
  Tunneling Current 0.1 – 100 nA
  Sample Bias Voltage ±10 V
  Vector Writing Driving Resolution
~ 1.0 nm
  Vector Writing Voltage -10 V ~ +10 V
Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy (I-V Curve)
  Scanning Voltage Resolution
~ 1.0 mV
  Scanning Voltage Range -10 V ~ +10 V
  Tunneling Current 0.1 – 100 nA
Accessories & Consumables
  Sample Holder/Tip Holder

Magnetic quick change attachment

  Tips (Consumables) - Standard Tungsten Tips (CR ≤ 100nm)
- Insulated Tungsten Tips (for in-liquid imaging)
  Camera High Maginification; External (for monitoring tip & sample)
Machine Dimensions
  Height X Diameter (mm) 200 X 150
  Weight (kg) 3.0 kg
Electronic Box
  Input/Output Channels 16-bit A/D and D/A converters
  Scan Drive Voltage ±10 V
  Dimensions (mm) 211 (W) x 40 (H) X 85 (D)
Computer Requirement
  Operating System Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  Connecting Port Two (2) USB ports

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