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Bench-top Raman


SciAps Advantage

Raman Spectrometers

The Advantage bench-top series offers high performance, low-cost Raman spectroscopy solution that facilitates research and development and quality control in academic domain as well as in industrial markets around the world. Featuring FSX technology for highly reproducible and repeatable Raman spectra, Advantage systems are ideal for the analysis of solutions, gels, powders and a wide range of solid materials.


Desktop / Tabletop Raman Spectometers - Various Wavelengths Available
    SciAps offers a variety of Advantage systems with different laser source choices, ranging from 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm to 1064 nm, plus a few other optional wavelengths, to ensure that the optimal laser source is selected for your applications.


Raman Microscopes

Raman microscopes have become valuable analytical tools in pharmaceutical, plastics, semiconductor, and geology applications due to their high sensitivity and ability to analyse heterogeneous samples.    


Raman Microscopy - Compact Disk Analysis

  Advantage Raman Attached with NuScope Microscope
      Compact Disk Analysis:
      Identifying Ink from Polycarbonate.



  The optional NuScope Microscope plus the optional XYZ Stage enable the users to image their sample material and acquire Raman data from specific points within the sample for further studies.




Advantage 532


has a higher signal-to-noise ratio than other Advantage series spectrometers. Signal-to-noise is improved because Raman signal improves as a function of λ-4, meaning that a 532 nm excitation produces signals that are nearly five times greater than 785 nm excitation.


  • University Teaching Labs / Functional Group Analysis

  • Kinetic Studies

  • Carbon Fibres / Carbon Nanotubes

  • Surface Science / Monolayer Analysis / SERS

  Advantage 532 nm - Cyblohexane Spectrum

Cyclohexane is a cycloalkane with the molecular formula C6H12, and often used in labs in analysis as a standard, because of its unique chemical and conformational properties.

The above Raman spectrum shows the internal vibrational modes of CH2 and C-C bonds (rocking, wagging, etc.).

Advantage 633


is a first-class system using a laser power less than 3 mW. (640 nm also available.) It is an ideal system for teaching the fundamentals of Raman spectroscopy. The fundamentals of polarised spectra can also be taught by adding a polarisation option.


  • University Teaching Labs (Vibrational Symmetry, Molecular Orientation and Group Theory)

  • Surface Science / Monolayer Analysis / SERS

  Advantage 633nm - Polarization Test

633 nm Polarisation Analysis

With the polarisation analyser set at both perpendicular and parallel to the excitation plane, the Raman spectra can be acquired for the calculation of depolarisation ratio. Such technique is useful in teaching the connections between functional group theory, vibrational symmetry, Raman activity, and peaks in the corresponding Raman spectra.





Advantage 785


is our most popular near-infrared system. Fluorescence usually stems from minor impurities that absorb the laser excitation and emit at the same wavelengths as Raman scattering. This system greatly reduces or eliminates competing fluorescence found in the samples using visible excitation. The Advantage 785 comes with a library of over 1200 materials. (808 nm also available.)


  • Pharmaceutical Material Analysis and Verification, cGMP

  • Surface Science / Monolayer Analysis / SER

  • Medical Cell Tissue and Assay Research

  • Polymer Composition and Structure

  • Unknown Material ID

Advantage 785 nm - Peanut Pil Analysis
  The characteristic peaks of Peanut Oil appear under 785 nm excitation that cannot be acquired with 633 nm.

Advantage 1064


features the longest wavelength excitation available in a dispersive Raman spectrometer. This system reduces analysis time to seconds when compared to FT-Raman and features low-temperature InGaAs detection at -60°C. (-90°C option also available.)


  • Natural products and complex samples such as engine oils

Advantage 1064 nm - Gear Oil Analysis
    The characteristic peaks of Gear Oil appear under 1064 nm excitation that cannot be acquired with 785 nm.

Optional Software

CAMO's Unscrambler®-X multivariate data analysis technology

Advanced UnscramblerX Multivariate Analysis    



Spectrometer Features

  Advantage Series 532 633 (640 Option) 785 (808 Option) 1064
  Laser Power
(* Power Adjustable)
75 mW* 3 mW
120 mW*
1000 mW*
  Resolution 6~8 cm-1 5~7 cm-1 3~5 cm-1

9~11 cm-1


Spectral Range
(* Option)

150 - 3400 cm-1
200 - 3400 cm-1
100 - 2500 cm-1
100 - 3400 cm-1*

200 - 2000 cm-1

  Luminous Flux NA=0.31 NA=0.31 NA=0.31 NA=0.31
  Fibre Optics Available Not Available Available Available
  Grating 2400 I/mm 1800 I/mm 1800 I/mm 830 I/mm (Gold)


2048*1 Linear
14*200 μm

2048*1 Linear
14*200 μm
2048*1 Linear
14*200 μm

512*1 Linear(InGaAs)
25*500 μm

  TE Cooling

0 °C

0 °C 0 °C

-60 °C


  Standard NuSpecTM Software Liquid Vial Holder NMR Tube Adapter Melting Point Tube Adapter
  Optional UnscramblerTM Fibre Optic Probe Cuvette Cell Holder Extension Tube Optics

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