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STM for Education


Nanovie STM Educa

Scanning Tunneling Microscope

opened the door for all the students and trainees to explore into the nano-world much earlier and easier than it used to be. Imaging of atoms, characteristics of nanostructures, nano morphology of conducting surfaces, nanostructuring by self organsisation, to name a few, can be seen by undergraduate students through their own hands-on operation.



    Modern Physics Experiment, Fundamental Physics Experiment, and a variety of experiments in the fields of Material Sciences, Quantum Mechanics, Chemistry, etc.


    Ideal for training before operating a commercial STM.


    For graduate / post-graduate students or small labs in the fields of Nanotechnology, Semiconductor, Optoelectronics, Surface Materials, Solid-State Physics and Chemistry, etc.

* Pictures on the right are shown to the scale of a 11" laptop.


Nanovie STM Educa VII Machine

Nanovie STM Educa Electronic Control Box

Nanovie STM Educa Laptop Size Comparison

    • Open Mechanical Structure
      facilitating the learning of STM design and inspiring the learners in an instuitive manner.

    • Manual Operation
      enhancing effectively the hands-on experience about how the tunnelling current occurs.


General Physics Experiments, Innovative Experiments

  Professor demonstrating the operation of Nanovie STM Educa

Every student can operate the STM in person

10 ~ 15 sets of STM Educa kits will enable everyone among the 30~60 students in each laboratory class actively operate the machine in person.
Students in all science and engineering departments will benefit from such program, totalling 400 ~ 1200 students each academic year each school.


Nano-world at different scan ranges

  Scan Images of DVD grooves and Blu-ray Disc

N-terface: Friendly Scan Interface

N-mage: Image Processing & Analysis

  Scan Control Interface Displays Real Time Results Line Profiling of the Hole Array
  • Improve the scan in real time
  • Scan image and line profile are displayed in real time during a scan to help you fine-tune the parameters any time during the scan.

  • Fast data harvesting speed
    3 minutes for an image with average image quality.

  • Graphic interface
    for the control of Scan area, scan position, scan direction, and other parameters.

  • Demonstration modes
    available for teaching and presentation purposes.
  • Visualise the true surface
    De-slope, noise reduction, Fourier transform and other filters.

  • Enhance the features
    3D display with lighting effects, plus a variety of palettes available.

  • Comprehensive analysis tools
    Line profiling, height histogram, roughness estimation, volume / perimeter calculation, island number counting.

  • Able to read all major file formats.




STM Scan Range and Resolution
  Large-Area Scan  
    Maximum XY Scan Range
    Physical XY Resolution
    ~ 4.0 μm
    ~ 5.0 nm
  High-Resolution Scan  
    Maximum XY Scan Range
    Physical XY Resolution
    ~ 1.5 μm
    ~ 3.0 nm
  Maximum Z Scan Length
Physical Z Resolution
~ 1.0 μm
~ 0.1 nm
  Tunneling Current 0.1 – 100 nA
  Sample Bias Voltage ±10 V
  Machine Dimension (mm) 260 (W) X 190 (H) X 120 (D)
  Machine Weight 3.4 kg

Scanner Features
  Scan Mode Constant Current
  Scan Image Size 100 x 100 ~ 550 x 550 points
  Scan Head Two Exchangeable Heads for different Scan Area
  Standard Tip Tungsten (CR ≤ 100nm)
  Sample Holder Magnetic quick change attachment
  Tip-to-sample Approach Manual approach, with real-time camera monitoring & software detection

Electronic Box
  Input/Output Channels 16-bit A/D and D/A converters
  Scan Drive Voltage ±10 V
  Dimensions (mm) 211 (W) x 40 (H) X 85 (D)

Computer Requirement
  Operating System Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  Connecting Port Two (2) USB ports

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