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Scanning Electron Microscope




300,000X Scanning Electron Microscope

EMCRAFTS enables the users with limited space and budget to construct an SEM fully equipped with a wide range of advanced analysis capabilities, including EDS, BSE, EBSD, CL, LVSED, etc. Besides being as compact and as transportable as a tabletop SEM, EMCRAFTS provides the incomparable high resolution imaging (optimally 3 nm) capability and the variable pressure function for wet sample observation (optional). This offers no doubt the highest cost-to-performance ratio among other SEM solutions.



Material Science

    Analysis and characterisation of metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, metallurgy, fracture, texture, degradation processes, etc.

Electrotechnical Engineering

    Semiconductor, circuit edit, defect analysis, failure analysis, lithography, PN junction visualisation, solar cell inspection, etc.

Life Science

    Botany, parasitology, pharmaceutics, dental implants and nano-particle analysis of drug delivery and cellular biology.

Other Research

    Mineralogy, geology, paleontology, archeology, chemistry, environmental studies, etc.

Fully Functional SEM Made Simple

  • Automatic Contrast, Brightness, Focus & Gun Alignment.
  • Remote Diagnosis via Internet.
  • Less than 1 m2 footprint.


SEM chamber open


Material Science

The traditional optical microscopes are being replaced with SEM for the observation of metal, ceramic, polymer synthesis and new materials in more and more labs and R&D centers. The capability to measure the topography, morphology, composition and crystallography in nano-scale has become indispensable to material research.


  • 1: PMMA

  • 2: TiO2 Thin Film

  • 3: Titanium


  • 4: Ceramic Film

  • 5: Nb2O5

  • 6: Ag


  • 7: Si Solar Cell

  • 8: LMO CeO2

  • 9: Al2O3


  • 10: SnO2

  • 11: CaCO

  • 12: SiC Heater



SEM is widely used across various fields to acquire unprecedented images and to control the quality in the microscopic and nanometric world, from secondary cells, solar cells, wafers, bonding wires, LED, CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) to many other nano-tech materials and semiconductor parts.


  • 1: Graphene

  • 2: ZnC Nanowire

  • 3: ToGo FET


  • 4: LTCC

  • 5: BST

  • 6: Y2O3


  • 7-1

  • 7-2

  • 7-3


Life Science

The high resolution imaging power of an SEM has become a useful tool for bioscience research, from the micro-scale insect anatomy to the nano-structure of living organisms, from the tissue models to drug delivery, from red/white blood cell segmentation to DNA and RNA.


  • Compound Eyes


Natural Resource

SEM has also shown its advantages in the analysis, measurement, extraction and refinement of natural materials, such as rocks, minerals and historical artefacts.



Dedicated Software

Intuitive and convenient user interface enables the first-time users to learn to operate in a short period of time and empowers the experienced users to perform advanced features without further ado. Acquiring an images can be easily done via a mouse with a wheel control, with the features such as Auto Contrast, Auto Brightness and Auto Focus. Images can also be saved as RAW or as thumbnails for comparison anytime during the operation.






  • 3 nm ( 30 kV, SE image )
  • 10 nm ( 3 kV, BSE image )
  Magnification 10 X ~ 300,000 X
  Accelerating Voltage 200 V ~ 30 kV
  Vacuum Mode High vacuum ( < 9×10-3 Pa)
  Vacuum System Turbo pump & rotary pump
(Vacuum ready within 3 minutes)
  Objective IRIS Variable apertures (Diameters: 25 μm, 50 μm, 100 μm, 200 μm)
Precentered tungsten filament (Option: LaB6 gun)
  Advanced Scan
  • Dynamic focus
  • Point & line scan
  • Tilt compensation
  Automatic Functions
  • Auto brightness
  • Auto contrast
  • Auto focus
  • Auto gun alignment
  • Remote diagnosis
  Image Display
  • Preview mode : 800 X 600 points
  • Focus mode : 320 X 240 by default, re sizable.
  • Slow mode : Applicable to both preview and focus mode.
  • Photo mode : Up to 3200 X 2400 points
  Dimensions (mm) 600 (W) X 623 (D) X 1500 (H)
  Weight 120 Kg
  Power 230V/50Hz
  Sample Size Horizontal : 96 mm
Vertical : 50 mm
  Stage Manual Stage (Option: Automatic Stage)
  • X : 40mm
  • Y : 40mm
  • Z : 5~45mm
  • Tilt:-20° ~ 90°
  • Rotation: 360°
  Image Shift ± 50 μm
  Optional Detectors
  • BSE (Back Scattered Electron)
  • EBSD (Electron Back Scattered Diffraction)
  • EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy)
  • WDS(Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy)
  • CL(Cathodoluminescent)
  • Chamber Camera
  Optional Modes Variable pressure for wet sample observation
Specifications subject to changes without notice

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