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Raman Microscopy


DeltaNu ExamineR

Raman Microscope

Raman microscopy is an information-rich way to characterise the samples in life sciences, geology, nanotechnology, semiconductor, forensic science and many other applications where accurate chemical identification is required. DeltaNu offers you a high performance Raman microscope ExamineR™ at an affordable price.

ExamineR™ adopts the research quality upright microscope BX51 Olympus and offers outstanding imaging and spetral characerising performance. Inverted microscopes, such as IX71 Olympus, or many other makes, such as Nikon and Zeiss, can all adapt to ExamineR.

Two software options are available for the ExamineR:

  • NuSpec™: instrument control software for data acquisition and library development
  • NuImage™: mapping software that features intuitive map building and image overlays with false colour maps created from collected Raman spectra.



One ExamineR Raman Module on Olympus Upright Microscope
Raman Microscope


Modular System
532 | 785 | 1064

The ExamineR™ is a modular system that allows you to switch easily among different wavelength modules - 532 nm, 785 nm and 1064 nm - without any tedious swapping procedures. Not only does this free space design eliminates the time wasted to swap the lasers, filters and gratings, but it also minimises the desk space required.

Three Quick-Switch ExamineR Raman Modules on Upright Microscope
Laser Modules Expandable & Switchable



Raman Microscopy for Semiconductors - Silicon
Raman Microscopy for Microbiology - Bacteria


Raman Microscopy for Chemical Mapping of Controlled Substances



NuSpec - Intuitive Data Acquiring Interface




Spectrometer Features

  ExamineR Modules 532 785 1064
  Laser Power
(* Power Adjustable)
100 mW*
Doubled Nd:YAG
120 mW*
Diode Laser
1000 mW*
Nd:YAG Laser
  Resolution 10 cm-1 5 cm-1

15 cm-1


Spectral Range

200 - 3400 cm-1
100 - 2000 cm-1

200 - 2000 cm-1

  Grating 2400 I/mm 1800 I/mm 830 I/mm (Gold)


2048*1 Linear
14*200 μm

2048*1 Linear
14*200 μm

512*1 Linear(InGaAs)
25*500 μm

  TE Cooling

0 °C

0 °C

-50 °C

Microscope Features


Objective Lens

5X, 10X, 20X, 50X

100X (Optional)

  RGB Camera

5M Pixels (2580X1944)

Pixel Size: 3.4 x 3.4 μm


Manual XYZ Stage

Step: 1mm X-Y-Z



Automatic XYZ Stage

Step: 10μm (XY) / 2μm (Z)

Max Speed: 150mm/s (Optional)

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