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Palm-top Raman


SciAps Palm-Top

Raman Spectrometers

are the smallest and lightest solution for non-destructive real-time pharmaceutical identification, industrial inspection and law enforcement. The test results will appear in seconds on the highly visible LED display and can be transmitted via USB or Bluetooth® to a computer for further analysis.

These easy-to-learn-and-use systems, requiring no sample preparation, are suitable for non-technical personnel. They can operate continuously for more than four hours on their rechargeable battery.

Inspecting Pharmeceutical Materials through Sealed Packing
    SciAps' portable Raman spectrometers require no user contact with the samples, eliminating the risk of exposure or contamination, which is very ideal for in situ, in vitro, and in vivo analysis.


Applications & Models





PHARMA•ID™ identifies and validates excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in receiving areas, at-line, and offsite locations. Integrated with the technologies and tools necessary for pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control, it can be used for the various phases of process analytical technology (PAT) systems and supports 21 CFR Part 11 protocols to assist with regulatory compliance.

This allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet regulatory demands, improve product quality through increased testing, reduce identification time and the costly laboratory analysis associated with classical wet chemical methods, identify counterfeit pharmaceuticals, and ensure a fast and ongoing return on investment.


Pharma ID - Palmtop Raman Displays Real Time Results
Immediate Pass/Fail Results Advanced UnscramblerX Multivariate Analysis
    The CAMO's Unscrambler®X module is integrated to implement Pass/Fail methods based on multivariate analysis used by researchers, engineers and scientists worldwide.
    This software is also tailored to facilitate easy data importing options with intuitive workflows, outstanding graphics, plots and interactive visualisation tools.


Industrial Materials


RAPID•ID™ identifies and verifies the composition of most industrial plastic types and grades, such as PET, PETG, PC, PE, PMMA, PP, PS and PVC as well as raw materials of multiple families, including Acetals, Amines, Cellulosics, Engineering Plastics, Polyolefins, Polymides, Polyesters, Styrenes, Vinylss, etc.


Rapid ID Weighs 400g
Rapid ID - Palmtop Raman used on Resins and Imported Goods
Rapid ID - Palmtop Raman used on Synthetic Fibers and Recycled Plastics Rapid ID allows manufacturers to take real-time control over quality, cost and waste, ideal for incoming materials verfication, supplier material qualification, additives detection, field engineering analysis, first-pass failure analysis, and improved regulation compliance.


Law Enforcement


ReporteR™ identifies narcotics, industrial chemicals, hazardous materials and explosives. It is used in multiple markets including crime labs, emergency management services, law enforcement, government agencies and the military.


ReporteR: Non-contact Non-Destructive Non-Preparation Inspection
    Testing of suspicious drugs by crime labs can take up to several weeks, causing many police agencies to turn to presumptive drug testing.
Spectra of Different Illicit Drugs ReporteR: Cocaine Was Detected and Displayed in Real Time
    The high selectivity of Raman Spectroscopy can esily identify the illicit drugs.
    With ReporteR, the illicit narcotics, even in the samples of less than 100mg, can be identified in seconds in the field. The test data can be saved in a report format, allowing the officers to preserve the evidence for confirmatory testing for trial procedures.


Spectrometer Features

  Raman Spectrum Range 300 - 2500 cm-1
  Spectral Resolution 8 ~ 10 cm-1 FWHM across range

785 nm, 120mW, <100 MHz nm line width
VBG Single Mode Stability <0.05 cm-1

  Exposure and Sampling Time Auto exposure / Manual option
Normal total sampling time is less than 20s
  Battery Rechargeable Li battery: 4-hour operation
Recharge 2 hours after full discharge

100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, AC to DC wall adapter
Charge via USB connection


  Weight 14 oz (397 g)
  Size 6"H x 3"W x 1.75"D (15.24 cm x 7.62 cm x 4.44 cm)
  Operating Temperature -20° - 40° C

Model-Specific Features

  • FDA 1040
  • 21 CFR part 11
  • CE certification
  • MilSpec 810 G Vibration, Drop, Immersion
  • NEMA4
  • IP67
  • NIST and ASTM traceable polystyrene
  • IQ/OQ/PQ procedures and documentation available
    Bar Code Operation
    Optional external bar code reader with Bluetooth communications

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