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MagQu Frequency Dependent Xac Analyser


MagQu Xac Analyser

Frequency Dependent Magnetic Susceptibility

An alternative solution in place of SQUID - a compact, portable, simple and fast analyser, suitable for research in the fields of biology, chemistry, agriculture and medicine. It is also ideal for experiments and educational purposes at the university.


Why MagQu?

MagQu specialises in the detection and measurement systems for biological molecules, such as pathogens, viruses, antibodies, antigens, proteins, DNA, etc. They also provides an advanced and efficient assay technology (Immuno-Magnetic Reduction), involving the use of bio-functionalised magnetic nano-particles for bio-medical applications.



  • Characterisations of magnetic materials

  • Detection of magnetic contaminants

  • Teaching and Training

MagQu Fequency-dependent Xac Analyzer


  • Able to detect samples in bulk, thin film and solution

  • Rapid measurement, easy operation, high portability

  • High cost-to-performance alternative for SQUID / ICP

Disign and Principles of Magnetic Susceptibility

Measurement of:

  • Xac Amplitude

  • Xac Phase

  • Re[Xac]

  • Im[Xac]

  • Magnetic concentraions (sensitivity = 0.01 emu/g)

  • Mean diameters of magnetic particles


Specifications on Reuqest.

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