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15 Dec 2014

奈米科學與奈米科技國際會議 ICRANN 2014 - 印度.新德里


Booth & Representative

Booth in Nano-conference in JNU


29 Jan 2014

東京國際奈米展 第13屆 (台灣主題館入選) - Big Sight


29-31 January, 2014
The 13th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference, at Tokyo Big Sight

For the fourth time Nanovie was invited by National Science Council (NSC) Taiwan to represent Taiwan's achievements in the field of nanotechnology. Among other 24 technologies, we will be presenting the following two:

The new Nanovie STM Lepto resolves to sub-nanometer scale under ambient conditions and is also capable of nano-lithography, I-V curve measurement and in-liquid scanning. The scan tip making device can automatically fabricate 6 scan tips per 15 minutes. The results demonstrate a consistent production of curvature radii less than 100 nm under SEM inspection, ideal for demanding STM scans.


Floor Plan

Taiwan Pavilion is right facing the Main Theatre


Shen Ssu-tsun (沈斯淳), Ambassador to Japan & Wu Maw-Kuen(吳茂昆), Director of Academia SINICA.

Taiwanese pioneers in the domain of Nanotechnology with ITRI, SINICA and Taiwan Representative Office.

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